Sustainable development Mambo-Mtae-Lushoto Usambara Mountains Tanzania
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The sponsors below are supporting our project

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enginering Australia

BG&E designed and repaired 4 bridges between Mambo and Tema
Medtronic Netherlands
medical instruments in the Netherlands
Medtronic funded the water connection and the basins for the dispensary to improve the hygienic circumstances. Medtronics
Groene land
insurance in the Netherlands
Paid for the drill to make boreholes and financed the extention of the waterpipe. groeneland
BluePunps for Africa
Takes care for the waterpumps fairwater
touroperator in Tanzania
Sponsored the Tema Pump Fairtravel
ICT in the Netherlands
Sponsored the Sunga Pump Xilton
Software in the Netherlands
Sponsored the Mamboleo Pump charm
medical advise insurance claim in the Netherlands
Sponsored 6 pumps and a test drilling set

project mangagement in the Netherlands
Pays 4 scholarships for the secondairy school and 5 for the primary school. logo_AC
NGO in the Netherlands
Supports the project for biogas  tdbp
foundation Emmaus
second hand shops in the Netherlands
Supported us with two gifts that we spent on the waterproject and the Tabletclasses emmaus 
Worldbank The world bank supported several projects to improve the business side of MamboViewPoint. This helped to create more opportunities for the local people. Worldbank
Velco in the Netherlands Velco sponsored the salary for our local project manager.
ecolodge in Tanzania
Takes care for the infrastructure of the projects without payment and supplies the Village Development Fund. MamboViewPoint
Many guests of
Are contributing to the village development fund 
Various private persons Small and bigger gifts for scholarships and other projects
Various private persons Contributed voluntairy to various small and big projects around Mambo