Sustainable development Mambo-Mtae-Lushoto Usambara Mountains Tanzania
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Gift certificate

surprise your friends by donating MamboSteunPunt!

Buy a gift certificate for your family or friends. Choose from one of the options below and send us the email address and name where we can send the certificate. send us an email
Health care Support one of the dispensaries around with building material  $ 10  per bag of cement
Plant a tree To reforest the area you can combine it with your carbon credit compensation.  $ 15  per tree
School inventory Sponsor a book to study from.
Sponsor a school information bill board
 $  4  per book
25  per bill board
Road improvement Support for 25 meters road improvement which gives a job for 5 people for one day
Support by sponsoring a small bridge or culvert
Support the pavement of the market place
 $ 20   per 25 meter

 $ 250  per culvert

 $ 10   per m2

Chicken farm Sponsor a small chicken farm and some chickens. The owners are paying back trough the profits they make which again will sponsor another family to have a chickenfarm.  $ 250 for a farm with 10 chickens
Scholarships Support the bright kids from Mambo.  $ 350  per year for a student at the secondary school
 $ 500  per year for a part time teacher at the primary school
Water Pump Sponsor a Fairwater handpump for 300 villagers
(special for companies we put the name on the pump and advertise. Your and your staff visit the pump you donated)
 $ 3300 per pump
Free choice Support MamboSteunPunt by giving an amount which can be used for the most urgent needs  $ xx  once-only, per month
       or per year
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write us an email
Financial contributions are welcome on our bank account:
Account number 390450030
(Triodosbank Netherlands)
Stichting MamboSteunPunt
Burgtstraat 3,
6701 DA  Wageningen
IBAN: NL45 TRIO 0390 4500 30
Contributions are tax-deductible from the Dutch tax.
or Donate by credit card:


*) This is how a gift certificate works
  1. You choose what you want to donate.
  2. You transfer the money to our foundation and send us an email that you did so, what you choose and for whom it is.
  3. In return we send you a gift-certificate which you can print and give to your friend  or family, stating that you donated on behalf of your friend or family.
  4. Of course you and/or your friend or family are always welcome to see the results or to follow our projects on our face book and website.
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