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Establishment of drinking water supply for Mambo.


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August 2008
The situation of the drinking water supply in Mam
bo was worrisome. Until
2008 many people were fetching water from open sources. The establishment of the eco lodge MamboViewPoint made it possible to combine the water supply from the lodge and the village.

The project is sponsored by MamboViewPoint and foundation 't Groeneland
From this place the newest developments are on top
NewPipes December 2011
In phase two the extension of the pipeline
and more taps in the village is foreseen.
Thanks of funding from Groeneland we were able to buy a thicker pipeline to get more water.
The pre condition of the extension is that the village has to solve the irrigation.
A lot of talking......

January 2010
Some opportunistic farmers took advantage of the dam a
nd started to irrigate from the water source.
Although this is heavily forbidden the village did not manage to stop the irrigation.
A lot of water was lost.
FistTap September 2009

We placed the first taps in the village

Digging August 2009
Together with the village we dug ditches and put a pipeline from 4 kilomet
er in via the village to MamboViewPoint
June 2009
Early 2009 we made a dam in a small river in the forest to collect drinking water.
Although it did not rain for two years the river still was supplying water.
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