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Establishment of drinking water supply for Sunga ward.

WaterPumps in Sunga

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The situation of the drinking water supply in ward (community) Sunga was worrisome. Until recent from the about 27 pumps only one was working. M
any people are tapping water from open sources like small brooks or holes dug in the ground.
The project will bring new solid water pumps in the region combined with the use of small water filters to establish safe drinking water.

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The project is sponsored by Fairwater and guests from MamboViewPoint
Below find the pumps and watertaps placed by MamboSteunPunt
Sep-Dec 2015

Work in Progress....

New pumps in other places are coming!

Sept 2015

An inventory of the project was done. 7 places with new pumps, 8 potential new places and 2 places with no opportunities for a pump were visited. Awareness training was established.

Main issues which were found:

  • Non active water committees
  • No water consuming trees were cut
  • No water keeping trees were planted
  • Farming on the river boards
  • Use of chemicals near the pumps
  • Grazing near the pumps

Aug 2015

 S4 33.450 E38 12.750

An site survey in MamboLeo showed the situation is very worrisome. An old pump burried by a landslide was found but no spot with enough water to place a new pump.

June 2015

 S4 31.762 E38 13.268

A governemental pump in Kwemziagembe-Nkukai is replaced since the bore-hole was spoiled.


sponsor: MamboSteunPunt

March-May 2015

 S4 30.438 E38 13.161

During dry season it appeared the waterpipe in Mambo had no water anymore. We placed an extra pump in Mambo to secure the water supply also in the dry season.


Sponsor: Medas and MamboSteunPunt

December 2014
 S 04.30.746 E 038.12.719

The fifth pump is placed in Mbwai, a remote village where there water pipeline can't reach and the governemental pumps broke down for a long time already.

Sponsor: Medas and MamboSteunPunt

July 2014

 S 04.31.396 E 038.12.783

The fourth pump is placed in Kichilui, a remote area where the pipeline can't reach andwhere the governemental pumps are broken for a long time already and were not replaced.



Sponsor: Ralph Tuijn and MamboSteunPunt

September 2012
 GPS: S4 32.294 E38 13.445
The third pump is placed in Kerenge on the border between the villages Tema and shambogho.
First they were fetching water from a muddy dirty stream.
Sponsor: Kiwanis, Ralph Tuijn and MamboSteunPunt


January-September 2012

 GPS: S4 31.58.3 E38 12.44.8
The second pump is placed in Kingamoi-Sunga.
Sunga is a lively village but had no waterpumps close to the center.

The pump is placed in a lovely valley on the spot were people were used to fetch water from a stream and were doing the laundry.







update Sep 2015: Unfortunately we had to dismantle the pump due to a landslide and disinterest of the community.

The pump will be placed with another community

Sponsor: Charm, Ralph Tuijn and MamboSteunPunt

January 2012
 GPS: S4 31 58.2 E38 12 44.9
The first BleuPump is assembled in Tema village. location

This location is chosen because Tema is remote and there were no working old pumps. People had to walk more than 5 kilometers to get fresh drinking water.

At first the water was very muddy but this disappeared after some days.

In November 13 this pump is replaced due to to less gain at the old place. New location:

 S 04.30.746 E 038.12.719

Sponsor: Fairtravel Tanzania and MamboSteunPunt

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