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Establishment of drinking water supply for Sunga ward.

Water for Sunga

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January 2011
The situation of the drinking water supply in ward (community) Sunga is worrisome. Until recent from the about 27 pumps only one was working. M
any people are tapping water from open sources like small brooks or holes dug in the ground.
The project will bring new solid water pumps in the region combined with the use of small water filters to establish safe drinking water.

See w
ere the pumps are!
Read the project details
Download the flyer about sustainable water pumps
Download the inventory from the project

The project is sponsored by Fairwater and foundation 't Groeneland
From this place the newest developments are on top
November 2014

All techniques are mastered thanks of the help of Volunteer-water engineer Niek Hoorweg. 6 New pumps arrived and are placed in the area.


Read here the story from Niek

The new pumps are sponsored by Medas from the Netherlands

Nov 13 - Nov 14

A sponsor walk brought a new test drill and also all social and environmental problems were addressed and set. Ready to optimize the 4 excising pumps and to place 6 new pumps


October 2012
The third pump is placed on the border between the villages Mambo and Tema.
Now the are fetching water from a muddy dirty stream.


GPS: S4 32.294 E38 13.445

September 2012

We were so happy when the second pump  finally gave crystal clear water!

Location: Sunga

S4 31 58.3 E38 12 44.8



February - September

Drilling a borehole is not easy. On the way we met a lot of problems becoming experts in the end!


January 2012
The first BleuPump is assembled in Tema village. location S4 31 58.2 E38 12 44.9

At first the water was very muddy but this dissapeard after some days.

Just the finishing of the platform is remaining.
BluPump December 2012
After a lot of pushing and pulling the first four pumps arrived from Nairobi.
We are really exited to start!

August 2011
Immediately we started to drill the first borehole.
Our current guests from MamboViewPoint were looking how the villagers did.
A technician from the supplier of the drill educated the local crew.
PickupWaterDrill August 2011

Finally we purchased the new pipelines and a drill to make boreholes.
Read the story
from our volunteer Jeroen van Gangelen. 

The drill and pipelines were sponsored by
foundation 't Groeneland
Groeneland February 2011
Two guest from MamboViewPoint connected to foundation 't Groene land managed to gain a grant for the drill.
This drill is necessary to make new boreholes. Luckily the water is not too deep so it can be done by hand.

January 2011
Two people from Fairwater came over to inspect the sites and to discuss the project.
Fairwater will send a container with pumps and pipes.
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