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Make Mambo green!.

Plant a Tree!

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Compensate your CO2 

travel consumption

and make Mambo green

The idea is to have a tree nursery. Tourists who are coming to Mambo can buy one or more trees to compensate there CO2 use. The trees will be planted with the 10 primary schools in and around Mambo to make the villages more green.

The project is started by Sally Christensen and sponsored by guests of MamboViewPoint and others

How it Works

1. Buy a tree from the Mambo tree nursery

2. The seedlings are grown in the Mambo Tree Nursery

3. In April we plant the trees with the 8 schools around

4. When you visit Mambo later you can trace your tree.

5. MamboViewPoint will control the health of your tree

6. If desired we can put a commemorative label  with the tree.

Plant aTree 

$ 15

for a fruit tree and a shade tree

for a commemorative label

US$ 10 extra

 if the tree dies within 3 year a new one will be planted.


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Below find the progress, the newest on top
April 4 2013:

The first results from the Tree nursery. 2 shade trees grown from seeds. They have to grow a little more before they can be planted in the village.

March 2013

Our Friend Sally Christensen who started the tree nursery placed a Blog about her experiences:


January-February 2013

Volunteer Sally Christensen came to start the tree Nursery. The village provided a piece of land, the place was cleared and the first seeds were put into the ground.

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