Sustainable development Mambo-Mtae-Lushoto Usambara Mountains Tanzania
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MamboSteunPunt / MamboViewPoint is supporting the kids from Mambo


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela
Experiences here and elsewhere show that children pick up skills like calculation or language via tablet computers very quickly. Creativity is stimulated and via scores and levels there is a constant feedback about their achievements, but gives also a drive to move forward. The skills that are built in this way will strengthen the capacity of the children to achieve better results in the regular system.


We created a class with 30 tablet computers. This class is in a classroom at the MamboViewPoint vicinity.

On the tablets run various apps with various levels.

Every morning and every afternoon 30 kids can come to the class to practice and each student can work on his or her own level. These 30 students can be sent by the school or come outside school time. This is particularly easy to achieve because many of the kids only go in the morning or only in the afternoon to school due to a lack of classrooms and teachers.


In this way we can reach weekly 420 students and their achievements can be monitored.

If students are not interested or are stopped by their parents, other students that are really interested can take their place. Later the less motivated children most likely will be encouraged by the results of the others. Moreover, it could create a perception change for parents who now do not see any benefit of education, so they might also start encouraging their children to study.

The program is set up and guided by a professional teacher working as a volunteer. This volunteer educated a local teacher so the program can be independent of volunteers in the end.

For the time being the class is held in the weekends. There is an increasing interest from the school teachers to join the program, so we also can work during the week.


Support the Mambo-kids!

                         * With 30 Tablets we can reach 30 x 14 = 420 kids weekly.
Different apps will increase knowledge and skills.
Better skills will increase the results at school.
                         * MamboViewPoint
keeps an eye on the project.
Local teachers will be involved.

Support the tablet class by donating a contribution for the running costs.
The primary school is
suffering from too less teachers. Thanks to your contribution we can employ retired teachers the help out. For $ 7 a day an extra teacher can make a difference.