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MamboSteunPunt / MamboViewPoint is supporting the kids from Mambo


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela
Like in all places of the world, in Mambo and the villages around there are many children
who want to study after their primary school. However there is a difference...

Some are not able to go to the secondary school because their parents can't afford to pay it.
Some bright kids can't study on the university because they can't afford it.

MamboViewPoint tries to connect young and bright students with sponsors from abroad.
Support the Mambo-kids!
                         * The Kids are selected on forehand.
                         * MamboViewPoint controls if the money really
                            is spent for the study and if the results are good.
                            School fees will be paid direct to the schools
                         * MamboViewPoint will take care for a regular report.
                         * MamboViewPoint reports the progress to the donors.
                         * Sponsoring possible on individual base with knowledge of all parties or
                         * Donors can have direct contact with the pupils and
                            even visit them. In case of problems MamboViewPoint
                            will assist to clear them.
Read more about the Tanzania education system, statistics and the technical details
Scholarships for primary school kids.

The primary school is free from charge and obliged. Still we know some kids that are not going to school. A main reason is the fees they have to pay for uniforms, school guards, stationary and other. Since the kids did not attend a school before there is no guaranty that they are bright, but a basic education is needed by every child is not it?
A scholarship of $ 40 per year (for total 6 years) is already enough to make it possible to join the school for one child.

primary school

$ 40
a year

during 6 years
Scholarships for secondary school kids.
The primary school is finished with a national exam. Dependant on the results you can go to the secondary school. However there are only for 30% of the children places and they can be placed far from home. The result can be too high expenses for boarding schools or private schools.
The yearly costs for a private school like Upendo in Sunga are Tsh 410.000  (~$ 300) per year.
For a public school they are Ts 142.000 ( ~$ 100)
Based on the results from the national exam bright kids can be discerned.
will select bright primary school leavers and support them for the near by Upendo private secondary school. In this way the costs are the least and the possibilities to follow the student the best.
secodairy school

$ 300
a year

during 3 years
Support for teachers
Teachers  at the primary as well at the secondary school have a little income. This makes that there are too few and the ones who are there are not very motivated. Supporting a teacher will increase the motivation and attract more teachers or it is possible to pay even the whole salary of a teacher causing less children in one class. (like now there are over 100 children in one class at the primary school)
Salary for
 a teacher
 $ 1200

a year
Scholarships for higher education and university
To study is expensive. After the secondary school it is possible to apply for the university.
Besides you have to wait one year, you are directed to a university and have to pay unless you are one of the view who gets a loan which most the time only a small part of the total costs which can be between $ 1500 and $ 3000 a year.
Bright students can be selected on base of the school results, however the results are heavily influenced by the bad circumstances during secondary school.

Below find the actual applications for university scholarships
(click on the name for details)

a year

during 3 years
Name Concerns Study results*
(100% = best)
(0% = none)
Asked annual grant
Mary Gervas Haule (27) 1th degree of medicine 18 pnt = 80% $ 5,700
William Simon (26) public administration in human resource 23 pnt = 62% $ 3,433
Afra Allan (22) diploma course doctor 3 years 24 pnt = 60% $ 1,565
Hatibu Alhamani (22) bachalor of arts, 3 years 28 pnt =50% $ 2,035
* Unfortunately the results of all Tanzanian pupils are not very good. This has to be taken in account to
  judge the results. Read here more about the Tanzania education system

  7 points = best, 49 points = worst
points percentage division
7 100 1
18 74 2
22 65 3
26 55 4
Write us an email if you are interested to give a scholarship to one of the applicants
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