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Application William Simon
Date of birth: 4-4-1984 WilliamSimon
Gender: male
Address: Sunga
E-mail address
Phone number  +255(0)717-249473
Education Advanced level of education
Teacher college
Study results FIV 23 points (65% of the best possible)
Study concerned public administration in human resource
Number of years 3 years
Apllication date MVP 21-10-2010
Estimated annual costs
college fees
field study
Books and stationary
Tzs   1.600.000 ($ 1066)
Tzs      600.000 ($ 400)
Tzs    2.800.000 ($ 1866)
Tzs    150.000 ($ 100)
Tzs 5.150.000 ($ 3.433)
Annexes: certificate advance level of education
 only on request 
 Application letter

My name is William Simon, I born in 4 April 1984.Am twenty six (26) years old. I have diploma in secondary education. Generally Aim a teacher

Aim a teacher of Sunga secondary school found at sunga village teaching history and Kiswahili in Lushoto-Tanga.

Am glad to request for the scholarship for further studies in the University for the Degree Order.

On the year 2011,I want to join with the university taking either degree of public administration in human resources or

degree of education in adult education. Both the faculties will take about three (3) years.

         If I will get a sponsor in my studies I need moral and material support such as money because I dont have financial

Support to run my studies due to the lack of government loan sponsorship.

The major objectives forced me to find the scholarships are;

1).To have further studies in universities level in order my dreams come true.

2).To work with social issues in my village such as to reduce the number of illiteracy people in the community.

3).To helps people to manage their life and solve their problems.

4).To enables a national use management and conservation of environment as far as keeping peace and security.

         In advance Aim looking forward to hear from you,thanks.I will be glad for the further good cooperation between us

in order one day my dreams come true and raising living standard of people in my village.

Lastly in my application, I attached with my curriculum vitae (CV) as well as copies of my certificates of different levels.



                                    A).PERSONAL PARTICULARS.


                        SURNAME: LUKOO

                        FIRST NAME: WILLIAM

                        MIDDLE NAME:    SIMON                  

                        DATE OF BIRTH: 04-04-1984

                        SEX: MALE

                        PLACE OF BIRTH: MLALI-MOROGORO

                        NATION: TANZANIA

                        NATIONALITY: TANZANIAN

                        MARITAL STATUS: SINGLE

                        LANGUAGE: KISWAHILI\ENGLISH

                        RESIDENTAL ADDRESS: 335_LUSHOTO

                        POSTAL ADDRESS: 335_LUSHOTO

                        MOBILE PHONE: +255(0)717-249473



                        B).EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS.



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