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Application Afra Allan
Date of birth: January 1st 1988 AfraAllan
Gender: male
Address: Mtae (hometown Tanga)
E-mail address
Phone number  +255 712660724
Education Advanced level of education
Study results F IV 24 points  (60% of the best possible)
Study concerned diploma course doctor
Number of years three for diploma course
Apllication date MVP 12-9-2010
Estimated annual costs
college fees
Boardingschool fees estimation
Books / meals estimation
Uniforms and sports equipment
Pocket money
Tzs 300.000 ($200)
Tzs 350.000 ($233)
Tzs 1.000.000 ($666)
Tzs 198.000 ($ 132)
Tzs 500.000 ($ 333)
Tzs 2.348.000 ($ 1.565)
Annexes: certificate advance level of education
 only on request 
 Application letter


My name is Afra Allan(birth name) or Alfa Allan(baptised name) Im a Tanzanian boy aged 22. Being born in 1988. wonderful enough I am a second born out of five children in our family which consist of two girls and three boys including I.


I live with my father who is a small business man selling his farm products obtained from his small farms. About my mother, she left me in my fathers hand when I was a young boy after having great conflicts concerning their relationship. So until now I’ve never seen her. Although my father is a small business man he owns nothing wonderful like luxury house, car and even a motor bike. In appearance he is a crippled because he got a car accident in 2003 when I was about to finish my primary education and get injured in his spinal cord. The accident had made him to become motionless(had paralyzed). Until now he walks by means of supporters.


In case of education, I’ve started my primary education in1997 and finished in 2003. After that I was selected to join secondary education in 2004 and completed it in 2007 in which I was among the qualified students. Then I was selected to join an advance level of education in 2008 in which I took physics, chemistry and biology (PCB). From my primary to secondary level of education I was in government schools and my father tries his best to using his small income paying for me school subsistence's including school fees. Those costs in government schools were less that every parent can pay it even if he/she has low income.


My future plan is to proceed with further studies with a great aim of becoming a doctor. My result from my final exam in advance level of education allows me to proceed with a diploma course but I failed to proceed because of financial problems. The diploma course duration is three years and each year cost 400.000 TSH. This money is just school fees only, but other costs like treatments, traveling, dormitory fees, stationeries and pocket money depends on yourself. After finishing that three years you have to work for two years then you can continue with university. At university you can be under a government sponsorship.


I’ve tried to find different activities in which I could earn some money for my continuation of studies but I’ve failed to reach my goal because what I got in my collections from various activities was very little and were only enough for my accommodations. Due to those obstacles that found my way, I ve decided to search for someone who will sponsor me in my studies so that I can fulfill my future plan of becoming a doctor.


From those details above, I wish to have positive response towards my applications.

I wish you a good success with lots of blessings from God and a wonderful moment in your life. God bless you.


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