Sustainable development Mambo-Mtae-Lushoto Usambara Mountains Tanzania

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UnderConstructionThe aim of this project is to add value to the products which are there.

Organic farming

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January 2011
The Usambara Mountains is a fertile area were almost all vegetables are growing. The only problem is that everybody is growing the same which is ready at the same time and
it needs chemicals to keep the deceases out.
This project tries to get more variety with more value. In the first place MamboViewPoint lodge will be provided so there is no need anymore to get the vegetables from far. Later also can be extended to markets.
From this place the newest developments are on top
February 2011
Another four women joined and their plots were inspected. Also the instruction cards how to rotate the crop were distributed. They have to grow a different crop in a rotation of four cycles.
Organic02 February 2011
During the lessons they learned how to make weed killers from natural materials like peppers and soap. Together they made the first weed killer and tried it out.
February 2011
6 women and one man followed a course organic faming. The idea is to gain more high quality vegetables to sell to other places later. The first demand is from MamboViewPoint lodge.
Guest from the lodge will eat it and also be involved to control the quality.

traning is given by Haike Rienks-van Hal from SEBA
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