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new school toilets were badly needed

Construction of new toilets for primary Mambo

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The primary school in Mambo has 2000 children. Te accommodation is to small and especially the toilets are worrisome because the hygienic circumstances are too bad.
Thanks of  OBS Herman Gorter te Zaandam in the Netherlands 2 new toilets can be made. One for boys and one for girls.

fistdesighn Dec 26 009

After consultation the  VEO (Village execute officer) mad a first design. Then MamboViewPoint made a better drawing.
The best bricklayer of the village, Chekatutu will take the daily management. MamboViewPoint is controlling and paying the bills
The idea is to shift the faces and
the urine to speed up composting.
The pit will be emptied once a year and the manure will be saved in another pit till it is ready for fertilization.
Click here for the design in PDF.
The project is finished. From here the newest activities are on top.
click here for the complete report
toilet_boys Augustus 2010
Also the boys toilet is ready!
The school is organizing the use and the old toilets can be pulled down.

July 30 2010
The decision is made, The toilets are finished with money from the village development fund from  MamboViewPoint.
We decide to rebuild an old toilet for the boys in stead of making a new one to save money. Also materials from the old toilets are re-used. It can go fast now

toilets_1_7_10 July 2010

The girls toilet is ready for  while but the budget is too small and a lot of meetings are needed how to go about. Luckily we are in the school holidays.

April 6 2010
The framework of the roof and the outer walls are ready.

Mambo_Pupils March 12 2010
The school kids are watching how we are building

March 10 2010
Here we go again!
The walls are half done and the floor can be made.
toilets_30_1_10 Jan 30 2010
The foundation is ready!
It took some time to find the "fundis" (brick layers) but we succeeded. The foundation will be  covered with a concrete sheet with holes.

Dec 25 2009.
One year ago they started already with making a hole but there was no money to finish.

Oude toiletten Dec 25 2009
The old toilets are too bad to use anymore
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