Sustainable development Mambo-Mtae-Lushoto Usambara Mountains Tanzania
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Tablet classes

first trials


The idea is to create a “tablet class”, to start with, with 30 tablet computers. This can be in a classroom at the MamboViewPoint vicinity.
On the tablets can run various apps with various levels.

The idea is to establish a women's group which is going to make flexible learning boards for the schools. The schools will have to pay a reduced price, the rest has to be funded from guests and others and the wonen will have an income from it.
MamboSmart various
Waterpumps for Ward Sunga

The situation of the drinking water supply in ward (community) Sunga was worrisome. Until recent from the about 27 pumps only one was working. The project plans to establish pumps in those area's where is no running water trough pipes from the mountains possible. See were the new pumps are! Fairwater Fairwater

Foundation 't Groene land
Extension water taps for Mambo

In 2009 a water pipe is made from the only available source to Mambo and MamboViewPoint. The capacity of the source is not fully used and on more places like the school water is badly needed. The project includes the replacement of a part with a bigger pipe and the extension to other area's and more taps. WaterForMambo Foundation 't Groene land
Cheese making

6 Women learned how to make yoghurt and fresh cheese. Now they have more income from the same cows they have.
In phase one they produce for mamboViewPoint. Phase 2 will be an extention and an own workshop. Products can be sold in- and outside Mambo.
MamboMee Swiss cheese maker

Tourism is a important source of income in the Usambara mountains. The idea is to make a chain of home stays and sustainable guest houses and hotels where people can experience the local culture and where community development is initiated. homestays Agriterra
Art production and selling

Artist from Mambo and around can sell their creations and are supported to get knowledge, tools and materials artshop MamboViewPoint
Organic farming

6 farmers were trained to grow vegetable in a organic way. In this way no chemicals are needed and the vegetables have more value.
They are starting to put the new knowledge in practice.
organical SEBA
School toilets

Mambo primary school badly needed new toilets.
Thanks to a sponsor we could build new toilets and is the hygienically situation tremendous improved.
Schooltoilets OBS Herman Gorter in Zaandam, the Netherlands

facing mayor problems
Since there is a lack of firewood other sources like biogas are better.
Two professionals from Mambo and Tema joined a training how to make a biogas installation and are making a living out of it.
Biogas SNV the Netherlands

The first scholarship is paid for one year secondary school.
Also for bright children often it is impossible to go to the secondary school because the parents can't afford the school fees. Donating a scho
olfee can make a tremendous difference.
Scholarship guests from MamboViewPoint
Schoolbooks and school requirements


In the school in Mambo and around there are only a few books and not enough desks. Momentarily 6 kids have to share one book and 3 per desk. More book and desks are a necessity to make learning possible. various
Tema Bridges


Due to rains four bridges between Tema and Mambo collapsed. With help of an Australian engineer bureau the four bridges will be rebuilt. BG&E
Tree nursery


The ideas is to have a tree nursery. Tourists who are coming to Mambo can buy one or more trees to compensate there CO2 use. various


HappyCowsHappyFarmers is improving the cow welfare and milk production in the ward Sunga (Mambo), Usambara montains, Lushoto district Tanzania Julian Carr