Sustainable development Mambo-Mtae-Lushoto Usambara Mountains Tanzania
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The projects below have been completed with support from MamboSteunPunt, MamboViewPoint and guests from MamboViewPoint.

MamboSteunPunt realized Projects

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Jan 2018
Jun 2017   Jun2017-DutchVersion
Dec 2016   Dec2016-DutchVersion
Jan 2016   Jan2016-DutchVersion
June 2015
April 2019
More projects are planned!

Bee keeping around the forest.
Water catchment systems in the region
Tablet and English classes
* Protection of the forest
* Improving health care
* Music
* .........

February 2019

New Tablet classes are started. Around 40 kids are joining every Saturday and Sunday

January 2019

JamiiSawa supported the MamMee yoghurt group with a micro loan and signboards for their new restaurant in Mambo centre.

December 2018

Xmas performance @ MamboViewPoint

October 2018

New seeds are planted for the tree nursery

October 2018

44 farmers, 50% men and 50% women joined the new Push&Pull program. The land is prepared for Maize, Dismodium and Elephant grass. Under direction of Martin Graf from Switzerland.

October 2018

New computer classes during holidays for secondary school students and standard 7 leavers by Salehe. 30 Students were registered, 18 came and 12 got their certificates.

September 2018

A new entrepreneur class started in Tema

August 2018

Carpenter trainee Hamisi receiving carpentry tools so he can start his own workshop

August 2018

Local VET Asa with assistance of the auxiliary officers vaccinated the cows against Antrax

August 2018

Inspection of the Push&Pull plots. Due to unpredictable rain and drouth the results were poor

June 2018

With help of a MamboViewPoint guest Another classroom is made nice and attractive. This time in Mtae.

February 2018

Education is fundamental to humanity. The main basis is reading and writing. Modern technology "GRAPHOGAME" enables the student to understand more quickly. Sunga Primary School Teachers are trained skills developed by SEK Specialists organized by SLJNMSU

December 2017
First performance of the Mambo Child circus in the new MamboViewPoint Open air Theatre!
November 2017

A new survey is made in the Mlalo area to see if we could assist to place new water pumps. Unfortunately the pre conditions like a good water catchment area by planting trees need to be made first.

October 2017

Tablet classes were continued in the school holidays

September 2017

Local farmers were trained how to make and to maintain their cattle pan. 

August 2017

The first 10 entrepreneurs started an entrepreneurs training. The main goal is to promote small scale business groups

August 2017

Two youth biking group started. Every Saturday 6 boys and every Sunday 6 girls are practising

July 2017

The child circus improved their performances 

July 2017

We were happy to have Linda and Owen, Veterinarians from Ireland who did a vaccination program for the cows, sheep, goats and dogs. 3 Auxiliary officers and our manager got an additional course in cattle keeping. They will continue to visit the farmers to advise how to improve.

June 2017

Mambo reached the second place in the Lushoto football league thanks to the new football field where they could train well. 

May 2017

The program for Village Health Workers started. 2 VHW's from each village were instructed by the medical officer from Sunga and they were equipped with smartphones to show educational movies.

May 2017

We restarted the Street kid-games in Mambo. This time led by the young mambo circus teachers 

May 2017

16 Dula's (Traditional birth attendants) were selected to be trained. The course is given by 2 local midwives who are trained earlier by volunteer Liesbeth.

April 2017

A new classroom is refurbished @ Mambo primary school! Another one is still in progress. 

March 2017

Tree planting day in Mambo! Guests from MamboViewPoint donated 300 trees which are planted in a special event where we learned about the importance of planting trees.

March 2017

An Usambara Bike Event was organized. 2 days amazing tracks in the mountains with guests of MamboViewPoint and locals. 

February 2017

17 new Traditional Birth Attendants are trained to become a Doula by Liesbeth, a midwife from the Netherlands. They got their certificate and a bag with all the tools they need.
The main goal is to recognize problems in an early stage and to accompany the women in labour to the dispensary.
Also they are learned to give information about hygiene and a healthy life to women in their society.
In the same time 3 Tanzanian midwives are trained to become trainer for TBA’s to become a Doula.

January 2017

Training from our staff and auxiliary officers @ LITA Tengeru in Arusha for cattle keeping and farming. They will pass the knowledge to our local farmers in Sunga-Mambo area


January 2017

The MamboWatoto circus went on tour to Moshi and Arusha!

December 2016

The Mambo football field is made in a flat, full size football field


December 2016

Sports fields for volleyball and netball were made with the Sunga secondary school

November 2016

New school toilets in Mambo were made. Thanks to guests of MamboViewPoint who contributed to the village fund.


October 2017

Thanks to our forest patrol 2 illegal miners got arrested and foresters could be directed to the right places where trees were illegally cut.

October 2016

The push and pull program was extended. The idea is to grow maize in a biologically way with a better yield

September 2016

The first day making washable hygiene pads. A women group from
Tema started to learn from Dare women volunteers from Arusha how to do
it. The pads will be important for the local women and school girls and also a
source of income for the women group.

June 2016

This week the carpentry drop-in program for kids who dropped out of school
started. 3 students are learning for carpenter under the professional eye of
the MamboViewPoint carpenter Dallas. 

June 2016

Feedback; watching self made video's from the performances on an Ipad from the
tablet classes.

June 2016

Admire our new graffiti on the wall of the new store of the circus materials! Made by
Michiel from Alpen ad Rijn in the Netherlands. 

June 2016

A new season started with new tricks! MamboViewPoint guests enjoyed the refreshed
program. Tomorrow a performance on the secondary school in Sunga is scheduled.
Karibuni sana!

June 2016

We were happy to place a new #Fairwater pump with the Masange-Lushoto
secondary school. The Mambo children with a scholarship go there but
every time got sick due to the bad drinking water. The pump is now providing
clean drinking water for the whole school and a part of the village. Time to
study instead of being sick!

May 2016

2Day the first serious Tablet Class took off! Our volunteer and science
student Bart instructed a local form 7 leaver how to manage the class and
how to keep track of the results. The first students were really engaged!

May 2016

A second batch of books arrived for our JamiiSawa library. They are
sponsored by Biblionef: On the pictures manager Hoza
sorting the books and registering them in the computer. Earlier our volunteer
Niko made this nice computer program so we can keep track of the books.

May 2016

Busy computer classes! The secondary school is now sending students to
us for their computer classes. CALL FOR HELP: Who has (used or new)
notebooks left to use for our students? We need >12" screens and with or
suitable for Windows 7.

May 2016

Women from women group Jipemojo planting Mulberry trees which will give
the tasteful Mulberry jam in some years. The project is funded by a Belgian
guest and will give green trees and employment. We can't wait!

April 2016

The MamboViewPoint Lodge is doing well. The lodge alone is providing income for a few hundred of villagers who have a job or are selling food or are benefiting from the tourists and other

April 2016

Our try out to harvest water from Clouds together with
physics student Bart from the Netherlands. It could be another opportunity to
bring water closer to people homes.

April 2016

Not digging for gold but making a new rainwater catchment tank. Systems
like this will bring the water closer to peoples homes.

April 2016

Our tablet classes took a start during the visit of the IST (International
School Tanzania) Students from Sunga secondary school and the IST practized apps
and made movies about different issues like clean drinking water.

March 2016

Our Push&Pull project for organic farming from maize with increased yield is
doing very well! The Dismodium is pushing away the bugs while the
Elephant grass is pulling them. The result are healthy and huge crops!

March 2016

MamboSteunPunt is awarded as being the second best from 66 in the
Netherlands active volunteering organizations.

February 2016

Another Bluepump is placed in the sub village Kidundai which is providing
clean drinking water to the community around.


February 2016

These 15 wonderful TBA's (Traditional Birth Attendants) from
Mambo and Nkukai got their certificate from our Dutch midwife-volunteer
Sanne after an insensitive three week course basic health care. The main
aim is to be aware of possible problems in time and to guide the women to
the professional midwife in the dispensary.


January 2016

In January we started a music project with local kids and two professional
musicians. A music band will accompany the child circus and talented kids
can practice various instruments. A first trip with performances is made to


December 2015

After some days the new pump in Kibaoni is delivering crystal clear drinking


December 2015

Art classes @ MamboViewPoint with mama Liesbeth, baba Gijs and baba
Robi. 37 children from the Child circus and the drop out program painted
cotton bags from the band "war on drugs"; No more need for a plastic bag!


December 2015

Sunga secondary school received a new TV from MamboViewPoint to watch
documentaries. Since we have public electricity this made it possible to have
a TV.

November 2015

School holidays started! The form 4 leavers take advantage and are getting
a computer course at MamboViewPoint. Our local friend Henrisch learned to
teach Word, Excell and Powerpoint from our earlier volunteer Niko and is
now transferring his knowledge.

November 2015

Drilling for a new Bleupump in Kibaoni with Richard Hosek and Leon Van den Berk
from Belvedair in Eindhoven.


November 2015

The first try for our new soup kitchen project. The idea is that children don't get enough and good food. 26 kids enjoyed the first meal which was "hutspot"' made from local purchased potatoes, carrots and unions. It was prepared by Richard and Leon, staff from the Belvedair restaurant who is sponsoring the project. Later cooking has to be done with the school by local cooks and it has to be paid by the parents.


November 2015

The first batch of trees and plants for our erosion control project arrived!
Yesterday some farmers prepared their plots. As soon as the rains keep on
coming we are ready for it. Local trees: Newtonia, East African Yellowwood,
Mahogany, Makarmia plaficalyx and Japanese Campher. Fruit trees:
Peachtrees and Cherimoya

October 2015

Volunteer Martin organized a course for pruning; There are many old
fruit trees which have no good fruits anymore since they are not pruned. The
knowledge will be passed to other farmers.

October 2015

In October a project is started for organic corn growing, called Push&Pull which produces more crops without use of chemicals. Moreover, it serves as a way to avoid erosion


September 2015

Volunteer and expert in History Alex Dudley started his first
interview with the elderly from our villages to find out about the stories from the Usambara Mountains



September 2015

Regular performances of the Mambo Child circus for guests of MamboViewPoint


September 2015

New spectacles for our traditional birth attendants. We were happy to
receive 3 boxes of spectacles for our villagers donated by Pearle Paddepoel
and Woldringh opticiens in Groningen The Netherlands

September 2015The Clarc University from the USA staying at MamboViewPoint during their
three months Africa study trip.
September 2015

Dog party @ MamboViewPoint! Our Veterinarian team under leadership of
from Linda vaccinated over 200 dogs against Rabies in the 8 villages around


September 2015

A intensive training for 21 Tema traditional birth attendants was established.




Project is done and sponsored by various donors and MambosteunPunt 

September 2015

Start of the sport program for drop-outs and schools.




The program is sponsored by various donors and MamboSteunpunt

August 2015

2 classrooms in Tema village are renewed with nice paintings.




Project is done and sponsored by volunteer Liesbeth and MambosteunPunt


July 2015

A project for improved stoves in launched. They use less wood and no smoke, good for the forest good for health.





Project is done and sponsored by various donors and MambosteunPunt


June 2015

A training for  auxiliary officers

was done from  Irish Veterinarians. The Auxiliary offers are now advising farmers how to improve their cattle.

December 2014

The first tablet is attracting a huge interest, More will follow in 2015.




This initiative is sponsored by MamboSteunpunt

November 2014

The first certificates for the new computer classes are awarded.




The computers are sponsored by MamboViewPoint thanks to many gifts of various donors

November 2014

A new Fairwater Blue pump is placed in Mambo sub village Mbwai. The villagers are going to plant new trees around.


The pump is sponsored by Medas and supported by Fairwater and MamboSteunpunt

October 2014

Tema dispensary is finished and waiting for the staff to start.



The finishing is supported by MamboSteunPunt and the local midwifes

August 2014

Economics is booming, many new motor bikes, new houses, new clothes, smart phones, a pool table cafe, new business


All done by the local people having more money to spend thanks to tourists who are visiting the area.

July 2014
We repaired the back road from Mtae to Langoni. This road is very important to divert tourist on the way from Arusha to the coast so they visit the Usambaras.
Download here the directions to go there

The project is financed by MamboViewPoint and executed by labor from Mnazi and Mtii

May-June 2014

A vaccination program for Cows, sheep's, goats and dogs against Rabies, Black quarter and Anthrax is sponsored.



The needed money is provided by various sponsors.

May 2014

During a first visit of JasmineBee an inventory is made for the possibilities for beekeeping in the area which should give income for several farmers.


This project will be done in cooperation with Jasmine Bee


Photo: Yesterday we established a cooperation with Jasmine bee which will be a bee project for the local farmers. They will get education how to keep bees, how to make bee hives, how to harvest honey and also get assistance to create a market. We are looking forward to the special UsambaraMountain honey! Picture by Hoza Kaniki
May 2014

We started a project to provide more efficient and smokeless stoves. We will sell the stoves on credit to make it possible to buy them.

The funds for this loans are provided by selling cloths, shoes and other which are left behind by guests of MamboViewPoint.

Photo: Today we tested new economic wood stoves. They use less firewood and don't produce smoke. The idea is to sell the stoves on credit so people in the village will be able to purchase them. It will prevent lung sickness and less walks for firewood.
Photo: Yesterday the first VET shop is opened. This shop is a part of the farmers cooperation and provides the members with medicine, licking stones and other for their cows. The first stock is sponsored by mr Julian from Switserland. By selling the medicine it will be possible to renew the stock later. April 2014

We started a VET shop (Veterinary shop) with medicine, licking stones and other. In the same time an association for the farmers is settled.

The first stock is sponsored by one of our volunteers

March 2014

Pens, files and other school materials which were brought by guest of MamboViewPoint were distributed on the primary schools

The articles were donated by various guests of MamboViewPoint, some of them via PackForaPurpose

Photo: Thank to many guests we could distribute pens and other materials to the primary schools. For details what to bring have a look at photo by our project manager Mr Hoza
Photo: The IST (International School Tanzania) Visited MamboViewPoint. During their stay they took part at an exchange and sport program at the Sunga secondairy school. February 2014

We organized a exchange program between the Internation School in Dar es Salaam and Sunga secondary school.


A class from the IST visited MamboViewPoint for some days.

February 2014

We started the computer courses on the ClC (Community Learning Center)


The project is funded by MamboSteunPunt and will later have funds and material from Unicef as well.

Photo: A historical day for the ClC (Community Learning Center) Today the internet connection is established. In the mean time many computer courses passed already for the highest classes of the secondary schools and local people.
Photo: Yesterday 100 small solar lights arrived which are donated by a primary school in Perth, Australia. They are meant for the primary school kids in Tema. Before using we had to charge them in the sun. February 2014

100 Solar lights were distibuted among the Tema primary school kids so they can study at home in the evening.

The lights are funded by children from an Australian primary school who did a fund raising activity.

Five years after the start of MamboViewPoint business in Mambo village is booming! A busy market, new shops, a pool table cafe, new restaurants and more.

MamboViewPoint is providing 18 jobs, several casual jobs and many providers from food, building materials etc, All together many people got a living from the lodge.

Photo: Today we presented a new gas stove to the MamboMee womensgroup. The have a new restaurant int he village where they make yoghurt and fresh cheese. Ugali with yoghurt is a top hit and they are doing well. The gas stove is donated by the Australian-Swiss cheese maker and cow specialist Julian Carr and will improve their business and the quality of the products. January 2014

The MamboMee youghurt making group got a gas stove to improve their business in their new restaurant in Mambo.


The stove is funded by a volunteer from MamboSteunPunt

December 2013

The Mambo Child circus had its first performance for guests from MamboViewPoint


The project is initiated and supported by Gijs from the Netherlands

December 2013

Local teachers for the computer courses were trained by volunteer professional teachers.



The project was done by Kate from England.

November 2013

Happy Cows and Happy Farmers: Courses for farmers were organized how to keep cows in a better way.



Our local manager mr Hoza managed this project with support from a volunteer.

 Photo: Yesterday we had our best farmers' meeting yet - in Nkukai. We had over 60 attendees, almost half of them women. The meeting was lively with complex discussion of hay-making, calf rearing, milking techniques and health problems of cows. We also discussed how their cooperative would work. The farmers have already elected office holders. Read more from our cow expert Julian on
Photo: Thanks to our sponsors from Russia a new roof for Nkukai primary school just before the heavy rains! The community contributed by paying for the beams. 1. Classes wihtout roof. 2. Working on the roof 3. Ready within 3 days! November 2013.

A new roof for the Nkukai school is made.

MamboViewPoint paid for the roof plates, the local villager bought the beams and did the work.


The project is sponsored by Alexandra from Russia

October 2013

A pre-investigation started how to improve the local health care. A meeting with the local healers was organized to exchange ideas.


The project is organized by MamboSteunPunt with help of a Swiss doctor.

Photo: at Mambo ViewPoint September 2013

Two Extra teachers for the Mambo Primary school were sponsored.



The salaries for the teachers are sponsored by various former guests from MamboViewPoint

September 2013

Four new students were selected for a scholarship on the secondary school.


The scholarships are sponsored by various former guests from MamboViewPoint

Photo: Today we had a meeting with 10 primary school leavers and their parents/caretakers who were selected by a special committee for the new scholarships in 2014.  They will follow a 14 day course at Upendo secondary school ending with an examination. The best will be granted for a scholarship. We have 4 new scholarships promised but you see, there is room for more! If you are interested have a look at Unfortunaly we forgot to make pictures of the meeting today.
Photo: Yesterday 22 grannies from the near by village Tema visited us since they were tired from their Tema-men who are building for 12 years on the dispensary already without finishing and we talked about other health issues in their village. We decided to assist them with completing the dispensary so the government can provide professional staff. The grannies are going to contribute for the costs of the needed craftsmen. July 2013

22 women from Tema were supported to finish the building of the dispensary in Tema.


The project is sponsored by MamboSteunPunt

July 2013

President Obama from USA supported the politics of MamboViewPoint to develop by economics in stead of unconditional aid.

This idea is suggested by the president of the USA

Photo: MamboViewPoint scholarship students during the holiday course @ MamboViewPoint. English, games, book reading and more June 2013

We organized classes English for the scholarship students.


This course was organized by Andy and Silvia from Switserland

May 2013

First performance at Upendo secondary school by the new established child circus.


The project is established and supported by Gijs from the Netherlands

Photo: Yesterday the first performance took place at Upendo secondary school in Sunga. It was a great success! Acts like stilt-walk and uni-cycling took great attention.
April 2013

Our Local manager mr Hoza visited over 100 local farmers to teach them about the best way to treat cows and how to get more milk. There was a lot of interest and the project was supported by a cowherd from Swiss.

Read the details

Download the flyer

Look at the facebook page

April 2013

MALARIA DAY IN MAMBO! A happening organized by our Peace corps volunteer Jane. The district provided 1000 mosquito nets for free, the school organized a parade trough the village and Upendo secondary school gave a performance. Download our malaria flyer with illustrations from our artist Makanjaga (in Swahili language)

March 2012

We made four bridges between Mambo and Tema. Thanks to this the buses, cars an trucks can pass again and the area is less isolated and has more chances for economical improvement.

Enjoy the making of movie!


The bridges are designed, managed and sponsored by BG&E in Australia

February 2013

We supported 12 children with a scholarship for the secondary school

Read the details

The children are sponsored by former guests and others. 

February 2013

Thanks to our friends from Russia and Norway we provided the first 200 books for the primary school

Read about the details

January 2012

We started a tree nursery to make Mambo green! Tourists can compensate their CO2 production by buying trees.


The project is initially funded by Sally and Alice Christensen

January 2012

One of the Mambo artists, Maganjaga finished his three month course at the school of arts in Bagamoyo.



The scholarship was funded by one of our guests

December 2012

We started with a library with English reading books for children.


The books were donated by Biblionef in the Netherlands and transported for fee by the KLM 

September 2012

A project for schoolbooks is launched. In Mambo every 6 children have to share one book. Now it is possible to sponsor one or more books.

Read about the details

August 2012

We organized classes English for 26 secondary school kids.



The course is sponsored by
 Advance Consulting and former guests of MamboViewPoint
August 2012

An auction is organized, selling cloths and shoes brought by many guests. From the collected money the MamboViewPoint staff will start a project in the village


August 2012

The second fairwater pump in Sunga is placed and providing crystal clear drinking water.

Another over 150 families have clean water.


The pump is sponsored by Fairwater, Charm, Ralph Tuijn

July 2012

Some Peace corps volunteers organized a course perma culture and learned several farmers how increase their crops.

July 2012

A microscope arrived at the dispensary. After installing and cleaning our doctor can test on malaria.


The microscope was donated by a former guest of MamboViewPoint and for free transported by KLM pilot without borders.

July 2012

We organized a cultural experience on the marketplace with the ClashMasters from Dar es Salaam.


Thanks to the ClashMasters!

June 2012

The Mambo dispensary is connected to the water pipe and basins and sewage are made.


This project is sponsored by Medtronic Netherlands

March 2012

The water pipe from the rainforest is extended and a number of new taps were placed in the village.

This project is sponsored by a former guest from MamboViewPoint.

February 2012

This year we could support 9 students on the secondary school.


The scholarships are sponsored by Advance Consulting and former guests of MamboViewPoint

January 2012
The rain
damaged 4 bridges on the road to Tema. We are developing a design to repair the bridges so that they remain flood resistant.

The design is done
on a voluntary basis by BGE&G in Perth, Australia.
SchoolInventory January 2012
conducted an inventory of the 10 primary schools in the region to have an overview of the situation. Too few classrooms, too few teachers, too few desks, too few books... such a lot to do.

The inventory
was done by two volunteers  Jan and Sylvia from the Netherlands.
January 2012
We established
a group of 6 women who will be ambassadors for the CCBRT. The CCBRT hospital will provide medical care and rehabilitation services for people living around Mambo with disabilities.
The first two patients could be treated.
The project is sponsored by the CCBRT and guided by MamboViewPoint
Alphabet January 2012
The MamboSmart project educational boards
are to be produced and sold to the schools. Two women will have an income from this and the schools will have better educational material.
The project is initiated by Petra from Austria and sponsored by her friends
December 2011
The first
Blue Pump is placed!
It is the
beginning of our solution to bring drinking water to the ward of Sunga.

The pumps are sponsored by various companies through the Fairwater foundation. The installation and organisation is guided by MamboViewPoint
 Birding October 2011
A course for east African birders is organized to improve birding tourism in Tanzania and east Africa.

The course is  sponsored by the
World Bank and MamboViewPoint.
October 2011
Damage from
illegal mining in the Shagayu forest is restored. 15 men from the villages around the forest worked 10 days to repair the river bed.

The work is paid from the entr
y fees, collected on behalf of Forestry, from guests who enjoyed the forest. Also supported by the Lushoto Forestry.
Casing September 2011
The first
bore hole is drilled for the water pump project. The project should bring 90 pumps in the ward of Sunga.
Read about the water for Sunga project

The drill was funded by foundation Groeneland and the first
installations was supervised by volunteer Jeroen from the Netherlands.
August 2011
Two overlanders/volunteers from The Netherlands painted walls of the school which made the building more pleasant to look at.

The materials were paid for by friends and family of the volunteers. Have a look at their JSCanary website.
Dispensary July 2011
The dispensary was equipped with a blood pressure m
onitor and a stethoscope.
There is also a microscope wait
ing for the completion of the laboratory.

The equipment
was donated by guests from MamboViewPoint.
June 2011
An exchange program between children from the USA and Mambo area took place. They learned about each other
's cultures and made good use of the internet.

The project was guided by volunteers. 
Swahili June 2011
Teachers from the village learned how to teach Swahili to guests from MamboViewPoint and others learned English. We hope it will att
ract more guests and create more jobs.

The course was done by Tirza from Lowani in the Netherlands and sponsored by the World
Bank and MamboViewPoint.
May 2011
Two volunteers made a plan for a new town hall and a better market
-place. The idea is that every development will start around a attractive market-place.

The project
was done by the family Rieck. Have a look at their blog with their adventures.
OrganicVeg February 2011
Six women and one man attended a course in organic farming. The aim was to gain more high quality vegetables to sell first to MamboViewPoint lodge and later on to other places. Guests from the lodge will consume the produce and also be involved in quality control.

The traning was given by Haike Rienks-van Hal from SEBA:
January 2011
The first scholarship is paid for one year secondary school.
Even for bright children it is often impossible to go to secondary school because their parents cannot afford the school fees. Donating the cost of school fees can make a tremendous difference.

In May 2011 the number of scholarships has gone up to 6 for the secondary school and 5 for the primary school!

The grant
s are paid by guests from MamboViewPoint and by companies and paid directly to the school by MamboViewPoint.

December 2010
Two Swiss
-trained cheese-makers educated seven women to make fresh cheese and yoghurt.
They established the MamboMee
Women's Group and are now selling fresh cheese and yoghurt to MamboViewPoint and the villagers. ("Mee" is Kisambara for Milk)  
The course was organised by two volunteers from MamboSteunPunt. The facilities are provided by MamboViewPoint. Later on there  a work-place/Restaurant a in the village is established.
Sept-Dec 2010
Three big music groups and
a small one were established for entertainment. Old instruments were "discovered" again and it resulted in another source of income for villagers and provided unique entertainment for guests.

MamboViewPoint paid for the instruments. The artists are paid by performance.
ArtShop Juli-Aug 2010
Art & Gift Shop

Next to MamboViewPoint an
Art & Gift Shop has been established. All artists from Mambo and district can sell their art to tourists. We already have two sculptors, a painter, a pottery group and a basket maker.

The shop and training was paid by MamboViewPoint. The artists pay a percentage of the pieces they sell to MamboViewPoint.
May-Nov 2010
Since there is a lack of firewood other sources
such as biogas would be better.
tradesmen from Mambo and Tema trained how to make a biogas installation and are making a living out of it.

The training and the costs for the training and the first two biogas installations were funded by SNV. MamboViewPoint connected the people to the SNV project. Click here for the SNV information
MamboSteunPunt_Work_on_the_road March 2010
Mambo has
only one exit road which can be so bad during rain that buses cannot use it anymore. A second exit road has been repaired. This was already there but not maintained for a long time.

The costs of materials and some local experts were paid from the Village development fund, from guests of MamboViewPoint The villagers donated labour. Coordination by MamboViewPoint.
March 2010
Some existing water tanks for gathering rainwater
were leaking and are now repaired.

The service engineer was funded by Simba
Plastics in Dar-es-Salaam. Initiated and supported by MamboViewPoint.

MamboSteunPunt_Art2 January 2010
Two Mambo-
women did a class woodcarving and are now able to make signboards. They also make woodcarvings to sell to tourists.

The classes for the signboards were given by MamboViewPoint.
An artist learned them how to make woodcarvings.
January 2010
A gifted local artist makes woodcarvings to sell to tourists.

The artist is supported by
MamboSteunPunt_School_Toilets December 2009
The school toilets are rejected and new ones are built:
one for girls and one for boys. The liquids and solids are separated to enable composting.

The project was financed by the OBS Herman Gorter school in Zaandam, the Netherlands. The project was managed by MamboViewPoint and executed by the workers of Mambo
October 2009
re was a consultation with the new village council which is much more active than the former one.
MamboSteunPunt_Computer_course September 2009
There was a computer course for teachers of
nearby schools.

The course was done by Anne-Marie Ethier and Nevzat Balay
from Canada with support from MamboViewPoint.
August 2009
Animators an
d teachers are educated to do games with the children of Mambo. The aim was to develop the intellectual capacity of the children.

The project is done
by Joelle Lepage and Maxime Lemay from Canada with support of MamboViewPoint.
MamboSteunPunt_water_for_Mambo July 2009
Together with villagers we made a 4 km long water pipeline from the spring in the natural forest via Mambo to MamboViewPoint. On the way, tanks and taps are placed in the village.

The pipelines and tanks were financed by MamboViewPoint. The villagers did the digging and other work for free.
July 2009
At the primary school lessons are given and experiences are exchanged.

The lessons are given by Sara Jansen from the Netherlands and Anne-Marie Ethier from Belgium.