Sustainable development Mambo-Mtae-Lushoto Usambara Mountains Tanzania
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For people who want to join our work

Friends of Mambo

"Our preceding six weeks at MamboViewPoint had been extraordinary and deeply influenced us very much. With friendships formed and the beauty of the place  always inspiring, it is a place to which we would love to come back"
The owners of MamboViewPoint, Herman and Marion, are social entrepreneurs and are happy to invite people who intend to put energy in their project. Although there are some pre conditions. One is that in general our friends have to take care of their own income. MamboViewPoint is happy to support positive initiatives but is not able to pay salaries or even costs for stay. In general we can advise you to do the same as we did ourselves and are advising our fellow villagers: let inspire you, there are many possibilities for setting up a business or getting funding.
Read about our projects
Read about doing projects with MamboViewPoint (pdf)
MamboViewPoint works as much as possible with local people from Mambo or one of the other near by villages.
We also appreciate if people originating form this area who left because of lack of opportunities want to return to contribute to the development of their homeland.
Applicants can write an e-mail
with their motive and CV.
Knowledge of English is obliged, from Swahili and Kisambara desired.
The number of staff we need is dependant on the success of our lodge. Since we started recently this will grow during time.

Applications for an internship can be written by e-mail.
Interns will be settled like Friends of Mambo. This means that they need to have commitment to development work and that they are not paid but have to contribute to the costs for staying.
Like normal applicants we expect to know the motivation and CV.
Also we expect a fair amount of self-reliance, however professional knowledge is available  for intern

In return you will have a unforgettable experience in working in uncommon conditions and a opportunity to contribute to poverty reduction
by transfering knowledge to people who can make a living with it.

Actual vacancies for internships
or friends of Mambo
are the following:
* Kitchen: training local cooks and organizing the kitchen and food supply
* Art: training local artists for woodcarving, painting and other art work.
Hotel management: Training local staff and organizing several duties.

Before you write us don't forget to read our project page.

Friends of Mambo
If you like to join you can become a friend of Mambo. For friends of Mambo we can offer a nice stay, we can connect you with people who can benefit of your knowledge or with whom you can cooperate. When you leave we can keep an eye on the project.
For the stay we have special fair rates for stay and food and is has to be for at least 14 days and max 6 weeks on a row.
Before you write us don't forget to read our project page and the pre-conditions


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