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MamboSteunPunt in the USA

I first came to the Usambara Mountains in late 2008 as a Peace Corps Volunteer to teach at Sunga Secondary School. Throughout my three years, I saw Herman and Marion build up their foundation and often visited them to see their progress. I even collaborated with them on a couple of projects. Together we organized a career fair at the school, inviting area professionals to speak to the students. We also set up an exchange with students and long-term guests at the lodge where the students taught the guests about traditional medicine and local animals and in turn, learned how to use computers and the internet.

After I finished my service, I moved to Mambo to help MamboSteunPunt with their water pump project. There are a few government issued hand pumps in the area but most of them have stopped working so MSP has decided to help a local fundi, Ali, create Jamii (Community) Water Company to install and maintain water pumps in the Sunga Ward. MSP will provide drilling equipment and a FairWater Blue Pump for any community that wishes to have one.  


contact: Theresa Ring
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The community must agree to limit the users to 300 people per pump, to provide the manpower for drilling and materials for building a cement platform and to collect $25 per month per pump. The fees go to pay a pump manager as well as to provide any necessary maintenance for the pump. The idea is to give the community a sense of ownership and pride in having the pump as well as avoiding the maintenance issues that have led to the deterioration of the government pumps.

During my time there, I acted on behalf of MamboSteunPunt in collaboration with Jamii Water Company and the individual communities. Together, Ali and I spoke with community leaders and made sure that each party understood their responsibilities before agreeing to drill. Each day, we worked with 8-10 volunteer workers who would benefit directly from the pump. As of 27 February, 2012, one pump has successfully been installed in Tema and is pumping clear water. Another pump is near completion in Sunga.

These three months in Mambo have been an incredibly rewarding experience. It was perfect for me because I wasn't ready to leave Sunga and this project was a great excuse to stay. Even after three years, the people and the environment continued to amaze me and I learned something new every day. Sometimes it had to do with the “job”; sometimes it was a new word in Kiswahili or Kisambaa; and sometimes it was finally learning someone's real name (instead of the generic “Mama” or “Baba”). I may have come to Sunga to teach at the secondary school, but after more than three years, it's become my home and I am really going to miss being a part of the Sunga and Mambo communities.

contact: Theresa Ring, North Dakota USA
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