Sustainable development Mambo-Mtae-Lushoto Usambara Mountains Tanzania
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Mambo is a small village with about 5000 inhabitants and in average, they have an income of less than a dollar a day. Development is still essential at all levels and in almost every aspect. There is no water supply, no electricity and a shortage of firewood. MamboSteunPunt contributes to the development of the region.


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Extended Partnership

MamboSteunpunt is functioning as a link between individual initiatives from "donors" from the rich part of the world and the inhabitants of the Usambara Mountains. The precondition for our support for these initiatives is that they should not so much be based on the principle of giving aid but rather on the intention of cooperation in equality.  MamboSteunPunt will assist with framing project plans, drafting proposals and the implementation and continuity of the projects. In the implementation phase, western partners can combine their work with a comfortable stay in the Lodge. The expenses for overhead are reduced to a minimum and partners have direct insight on the way the money is spent, and the finalMambo_Markt outcome. Very many relatively minor things can imply a tremendous improvement for inhabitants of the Usambara Mountains. Small scale initiatives from individual people can effectively be guided and supported this way. And additionally, a holiday in the Usambara Mountains is a guaranty for an unforgettable natural and cultural experience.

                                                              picture: Market in Mambo

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The goal of MamboSteunPunt is the development of the environment from Mambo.
Mambo is situated in a poor area with an average income below one dollar a day.
We don't want to give aid but we want to cooperate on a equal base, change idea's and stimulate setting up business.
Aid makes people dependant, knowledge skills and tools gives them a sustainable future.
If you like to join you can become a friend of Mambo.
For friends of Mambo we can offer a nice stay, we can connect you with people who can benefit of your knowledge or with whom you can cooperate. When you leave we can keep an eye on the project.
For the stay we have special rates for stay and food and is has to be for at least 14 days and max 6 weeks on a row.
Here you find a list with projects which are in progress or which are issued.
Click here to see the realized projects
If you to become a friend of Mambo or you have a own idea you can send us an email.
  picture: The cliff at 1900 meter altitude where MamboViewPoint is situated.
Structure MamboSteunPunt is the supporting foundation for projects in and around Mambo.

is the eco Lodge and also the base of MamboSteunPunt in Tanzania. De lodge takes care for a stable basis and the possible profits of the lodge are spent on the development of the environment. Also the presence of the lodge is an economical stimulus already.

Mambo is except a village in Swahili a positive greeting to be answered with Poa! (very well!)
ViewPoint is for the vision of MamboSteunPunt en MamboViewPoint but also for the breathtaking view of the lodge.